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Hookah Diffuser

Hookah Diffuser

Hookah diffuser

The hookah is not just a fashion, but also a special culture that acquires its own label. Due to the fact that its popularity is growing, the industry is launching new hookahs, accessories and consumables. In this article you will learn what a hookah diffuser is for.

What is the diffuser for?


The diffuser is connected / placed to the lower end of the hookah tube, which enters the vase!

Its positive effects are:

  • Noise reduction during smoking;
  • Smoother and easier pulling
  • Additional smoke cooling;
  • Improved smoke filtration;

The diffuser facilitates the flow of air, or in other words the hookah pull becomes more open and reduces the thrust / pull when smoking. This effect is especially pleasant for smoking lighter tobacco. Not all hookah fans find this useful. Some people believe that the classic cravings and the usual noise level are part of the smoking process that should not be eliminated.

What is a hookah diffuser?

They are made of different materials, such as aluminum, steel, silicone and others. Steel is the highest quality and durable. Each metal diffuser has a certain size and can be placed on the pipe by means of rubber seals or threads. To place a threaded diffuser on the hookah tube, it must also have a thread. Our advice is when you decide to buy a diffuser to carry the pipe of your hookah in the store, and if you are going to order it online, consult with the dealer about the size of the diffuser and how to attach it to the pipe, unless there is a diffuser for the brand and the model of your hookah. In some hookahs the diffuser is placed at the stage of production and you receive it in a set. Unlike a metal diffuser, a silicone diffuser is flexible and as a result, the ability to adapt to any pipe is its main advantage.



How it works ?


Diffusers are used in hookahs to release the main stream of smoke and create hundreds of small bubbles instead of a few large ones, as is usual. As a result, a large number of microbubbles form. The smoke becomes easier to draw.
What was actually expected from the developers of the novelty. It is known that small bubbles are able to more easily overcome the surface tension of water, so the noise level when sucking smoke is significantly reduced. They also affect the degree of cooling of the smoke.

It is important to know that when using a diffuser, the water in the hookah vase must cover all its holes!


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